HELLO! Excerpt from streaming webcast.

HELLO Excerpt from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.

HELLO! (still from streamed video, 2010). Opus 9 by Eric Anderson “Let a person talk about his or her ideals”.  
HELLO! (still from streamed video, 2010). Opus 11 by Eric Anderson “An occurrence or part of an occurrence is recorded and played back.”

Give Me A Sign


Barnicle Bernie the Fisherman who teaches you to paint: Bigfoot.

Barnicle Bernie's Masterpiece Workshop (Cutaway produced for HELLO!) 2010
Give Me A Sign (Cutaway produced for HELLO!) 2010

Streaming Excerpt, H-E-L-L-O Show, Muncie, IN 2010.

HELLO! (streaming webcast documentation 2010). Stage Fright Event by Ken Friedman.  

Diploma From Home

Diploma From Home (Cutaway produced for HELLO!) 2010

Stage Fright Event by Ken Friedman
"Wear a costume that covers almost all ofthe body from the top of the head to the knees. Only the legs from the knees down should be visible. Examples of the costume: a large, broad-brimmed hat, a scarf, a huge sweater with a very high neck, and a bulky wool skirt; or, a bundle of layered wool blankets; or, a specially sewn sack with holes cut for the hands and legs. The audience may not see theperformer and the performer may not see the audience.Walk out on stage or into the hall, moving about slowly during the allocated time. Atthe end of the time, two or three cast members come out to guide theperformer off. This may be performed as a solo, or itmay be performed by several or many performers who will slowly bump intoeach other or the audience as they move through the piece. Music may be played,or the event may take place in silence." From the Fluxus Performance Workbook by Ken Friedman, Owen Smith and Lauren Sawchyen 2002.

HELLO! 2010

A series of performances streamed live for web television.  Inspired by “old school” variety shows and sketch based TV, HELLO! was an absurdist attempt to marry the ideas and intentions of Joseph Beuys’ social sculpture with the structure of commercial television. Participants were invited to collaborate as performers and technical producers, interpreting works from the Fluxus Performance Workbook.   The program adhered to an “event score” modeled after a typical commercial television format, performances were intercut with pre-recorded video in the place of advertisements.

HELLO! was shot in Muncie, Indiana, and again as a public performance at the Soho in Ottakring Festival in Vienna, Austria.

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