Portrait of the Brunnenmarkt from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.

Portrait of the Market, 2010

Portrait of The Market was a participatory performance that explored the value of cultural experience as a reflection of personal and social economy.

I first performed this work in May 2010, at the Brunnenmarkt a Turkish farmer’s market in the Ottakring district of Vienna, Austria.  For 2 days I sat on a park bench in the center of the market with a sign that read:

“Please draw my portrait.  I will pay you €2.  Everyone welcome”.  

I allowed 1 portrait per person, that was the only rule.  Each artist could decide when the piece was complete and the money had been earned.  Only then did we exchange the art for the money. 

This work was also performed in Muncie, Indiana Other at the Muncie Farmer’s Market, and the Main Street Flea Market in October, 2010.  The price per drawing was $3, and participants were asked to record the time they began and ended the drawing.

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