Punk Rock Aerobics 2001-2005

Punk Rock Aerobics was a collaboration with Hilken Mancini. “PRA” was a performance based DIY workout that invited participants to “Flex Yr Head” and encouraged them to celebrate nonconformity. After all- if the pants don’t fit- throw them out! Out of shape and having no prior fitness background, we were more inspired by the Sex Pistols, than by the Jane Fonda.  When asked why he was in a band Johnny Rotten once said:

“It’s because we’re bored with all that old crap. Like every decent human being should be.”

For PRA, this was our response to fitness.  Urging participants to “take control of your body, take control of your mind.” The end goal always had more to do with attitude than muscle mass.

Punk Rock Aerobics functioned as both participatory performance, and the construction of an intentional press campaign aimed at a passive spectator. Press included everything from local television and radio to an article in Newsweek- allof them referring to Punk Rock Aerobics as a blockbuster fitness “craze”. 

Punk Rock Aerobics the book, published Da Capo Press 2004.

PRA on the Richard and Judy Show, London, UK 2003 from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.

PRA, the class at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub,Boston, MA.
PRA on the Richard and Judy Show, London, UK, 2004
Punk Rock Aerobics: VH1
PRA the class at CBGB's, New York, NY.
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