Sign On / Sign Off 2017

June 30 5:22am (on the air)
July 1 5:21 am (off the air)

"Throughout the day and into the night there will be live interviews, performances, cooking shows, painting shows, bands and DJ’s, and screenings of video from artists from around the world" - Streamed live from Merz Akademie in partnership with Acre TV, Chicago.

Sign on / Sign off was television made by artists: a 24 hour live streaming event, that took place at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany. Sign On/ Sign Off was presented as a one day “television network” of live and recorded artist produced programming. Artists were invited to propose any combination of pre-recorded material or programming to be performed live before a “studio audience”. The full program used the structure of a full commercial broadcasting day as a platform for creative production, exhibition and exchange that unfolded over a 24 hour period.

All live programs were be open to the public and presented as a live participatory event.

Film/ Video works were also programmed from an open call for experimental moving image in response to the theme of "broadcast".

This work was presented by the Merz Akademie, Acre TV, and with assistance from the DAAD (German Academic American Exchange). It was the collective work of many people and would not have been possible without the support and contributions of the entire Merz Akademie community.

Concieved and produced by Maura Jasper and David Quigley
Directed by Maura Jasper

Featured Artists
David Buob (Berlin)
Nicholas Hoffman (Frankfurt)
Melissa Livermore (FRANCE)
Steve Mathewson (AUSTRIA)
Tintin Patrone (Hamburg)
Francisca Villela (Berlin)

Michael Paukner (Stuttgart)
Dolphins (Leipzig)
Mark Perretta (USA)
Laylay (Stuttgart)
William Stamenkovic, Marko Mrdja & Maria Rose (Stuttgart)

Filipe Afonso (PORTUGAL)
Sverre Aune (Berlin)
Neno Belchev (BULGARIA)
Michael Betancourt (USA)
Catron Booker (USA, MEXICO)
Ellen Broadhurst (AUSTRALIA)
Christian Noelle Charles (UK)
Biswajit Das (INDIA)
Alexei Dmitriev (RUSSIA)
Carl Elsaesser (USA)
Tobias Elsner (Stuttgart)
Michael Fleming (NETHERLANDS)
Lisa Förste (Stuttgart)
Florian Fusco (AUSTRIA)
Diane Haefner (Berlin)
Karissa Hahn (USA)
Alex Hovet (USA)
Maura Jasper (USA)
Lana Z Kaplan (USA)
Kent Lambert (USA)
Sarah Lassiter (USA)
Laylay (Stuttgart)
Carly Mandel (USA)
Peter Miller (AUSTRIA)
Eden Mitsenmacher and Rebecca Tritschler (NETHERLANDS)
Lydia Moyer (USA)
Jason Moyes (UK)
Lexi Musselman (USA)
Rick Niebe (ITALY)
Manuel Onetti (SPAIN)
Ann Oren (USA)
Eric Pillmayer (Stuttgart)
Stuart Pound (UK)
David Quigley (AUSTRIA)
Brian Ratigan (USA)
Joe Saphire (USA)
Carl Spartz (USA)
Pawel Szostak (AUSTRIA)
Melissa Tvetan (USA)
David Weimar (Stuttgart)
Dina Yanni (AUSTRIA)

Live Programs and Performances by
TANGRAM kollektiv (Stuttgart)
Maj-Britt Desinger, (Stuttgart)
Lucca Donalies (Stuttgart)
Alvaro Garcia (Stuttgart)
Nikolaos Goutzeris (Stuttgart)
Jonas Heinisch (Stuttgart)
Julius Kleinbach (Stuttgart)
Dylan Linde (Stuttgart)
Caroline Meyer-Jürshof (Stuttgart)
Melis Süngü (Stuttgart)
Arian Sanati (Stuttgart)
Janina Schindler (Stuttgart)
Lorenz Adrian Schmider (Stuttgart)

Delia Steinbach (Stuttgart)
Vladislav Sycev (Stuttgart)
Maximilian Tolksdorf (Stuttgart)


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