Introduction to Computer Art (ART 200): An introduction to digital concepts and techniques for creative production, problem solving and presentation. Through lectures, hands on workshops and assignments it will cover the development of technical skills alongside an introduction to the broad field of electronic and time based arts.

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Assignment:Create a GIF using simple stop motion techniques in Photoshop, Choose: Technology gone wrong, or GIF as self portrait

Kei'Anna Anderson Fall 2018

Sarah Geisz Fall 2018

Noah Davis- Cheshire Fall 2017


Alexis Hopkins, Fall 2017
Kai Cohen Fall 2017

Molly Campbell, Fall 2017

Assignment:FInal Project: Make a digital artwork in repsonse to ideas generated by the class after viewing Digital Nation (PBS,Frontline). Students must use at least 2 programs covered in the class,and begin with a formal project proposal addressing central ideas in the work, formal strategies, and a production timeline.

Anglin Kinshasa Fall 2018 from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.


Alex Almaguer Fall 2017 from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.



Sydney Teare, Coming Out Comments, Fall 2017 Website; Compiled comments taken from various social media platforms in response to teenager's public disclosures of coming out.Click on the image to view the full site online.


Charles Cook, Untitled Website, Fall 2016
Click on the image to view the full site.


Photo-collage: Use Photoshop and images sourced online to create a dynamic remixed image: Identify one thing you most hate about American culture at this moment in time, and make a collage poster. Use image content directly connected to thething you hate or are commenting on to subvert that imagery and claim it as your own.

Josh Langham, Fall 2018
Sarah Geisz, Fall 2018

Rilan Mirasol, Fall 2018

Brendan Kogiones Fall 2018




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