Senior Project in Intermedia (ART 480): BFA Thesis Exhibtions, recent student work samples: 2015-2017

Sasan Kayyod, Claimed, Digital video and VR game;December 2017



Griff Williams, Liberty Justice, digital video, 20 minutes; December 2017; A 20 minute pseudo bio-pic of murderer Carl Panzram,told through a combination of found footage, found sound and puppets. The films draws a parallel between Carl's life, the mythos of the American Cowboy, and the making of a new American 'hero".

Liberty Justice, Grif Williams, 2017, (excerpt Pt 1 3:31) from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.


Liberty Justice, Grif Williams,2017 (excerpt Pt 2, 4:43) from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.


Liberty Justice, Grif Williams, 2017 (excerpt Pt 3, 2:28) from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.


Thomas Williamson, Bobby Says With Good Humor, video installation, mixed media; December 2017



Dan Martens, Near for Far, four channel video installation; April 2015



Ryan Pattison, GHST_MDN, live performance and video installation; April 2015


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