Weather You Remember: The Future, 2009, 5:02 from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.

Weather You Remember 2008: Madeleine from Maura Jasper on Vimeo.

Weather You Remember 2007-2009

Weather You Remember is a series of video “weather reports” delivered by senior citizens, as they recall and comment on weather for the location they most identify as “home”.  Relying only on personal experience and memory, participants in this project are asked to make observations about changes they have witnessed as indicators of past, present and future “weather” conditions.  In particular, they are asked to consider change as it relates to technology. When completed the project was exhibited as an installation with a participatory component alongside single channel video.

Weather You Remember, Bakalar Gallery, Boston , MA
Weather You Remember, Mills Gallery, Boston, MA
Weather You Remember, Berwick Research Institute,


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