Wigberto Serpa 2016

Wigberto Serpa is a fifteen foot paper mache & foam representation of a paper bag machine operator overseeing a large pile of bags produced under his watch. In the early 1970’s the Regis Paper Company in an effort to produce higher quality paper bags, had machine operators take responsibility for their product by placing their names on every bag produced during their shift. Wigberto Serpa is a name commonly found on paper bags today. No machinery or software was used in the construction of this work. The statue and the bags are all made by hand.

Wigberto Serpa is a large scale sculpture about quality, craftsmanship and production/consumption of individual labor. It is inspired by the Muffler Man roadside sculptures and the spirit of labor monuments.  Wigberto Serpa was on view at the 2016 SOFA Expo in Chicago.




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